Lindin, a christian radio station in Iceland, devoted their whole programming on November 10th to ABC Children's Aid. Staff and benefactors visited the studio and discussed all matters relating to ABC. Many listeners phoned in and supported a project we have going in Kenya which is drilling for a well in a remote region where ABC is operating a school. All in all over 290.000 ISK were raised which is just over 2.200 dollars, and we greatly appreciate the support.

We run a school in a village called Imbaruitin in Namelok which is close to Kilimanjaro. All the students come from poor families of the Masaaia tribe. In order for them to grow vegetables for the school and thus reducing food cost there needs to be a well. The cost in total is 2.6 million ISK or close to 20.000 dollars.

Those who wish to support the project financially can make a donation. Account nr.  515-14-303000  kt. 690688-1589 and write "Well in Kenya"