An excerpt from an interview with a sponsor from ABC magazine's third issue.

Kristin Helga Gunnarsdottir is a renowned writer and a former news reporter who sponsors Sonaina who studies in Chak school in Pakistan. We asked Kristin how she got to know about ABC Children's Aid.

"I had heard about the organization from here and there, including the media. I followed it from a distance and admired the work that was being done. I'm one of those people who's always intending to do good and not just send happy thoughts to those who have a tough time."

Kristin and her mother wanted to sponsor a child from Pakistan. Kristin had worked as a news reporter for a TV station in Iceland and she followed closely the political climate in Pakistan and it's torrid relationship with Afghanistan and India. She felt the plight of women was extremely dire and wanted to sponsor a girl in need of help. "It's the least I can do. We here in Iceland enjoy such privilege and we could do a lot more then we're doing." Kristin says.

Kristin speaks highly of ABC Children's Aid and says it's the kind of organization that makes her have faith in mankind's ability to do the right thing. "Together we can do this," she says.