Soon the year will be over and it‘s always fun looking back. This is the 28th year of ABC and it was a good one. We have a great deal of benefactors who contributed a lot this year.

Go Near Ministry raised money to repair the well that provides water for the area around the ABC school in Namelok in Kenya. The goal was to reach 10.000 dollars but over 12.000 was eventually raised. An Icelandic benefactor made beautiful dresses and sent them to Uganda and the students were very happy while trying them on.

Forty-two runners raised money for ABC in the annual Reykjavik Marathon and 115.000 ISK were raised. Three lovely girls came out of nowhere and gave us money that they had raised by walking door to door in their hometown collecting donations for the organization. High school students in the Capital area did a school project on ABC called „Let‘s be helpful“ and received top marks. And students in a middle school outside Reykjavik held a bingo event and raised 30.000 ISK and donated the money to ABC.

Last but not least we can‘t neglect to mention our annual fundraiser, Children help children, where students ages 10-12 all over the country go around their neighborhoods and also visit local businesses to collect donations for ABC. This year they raised 7.893.460 ISK and we are eternally grateful to these important ambassadors.

Early this year an Icelandic company, Tengill ehf, gave ABC 91 computers and they were sent to Burkina Faso where they were put to good use.

Volunteers at home and abroad assisted in many capacities. Employees from a large bank were given the chance work one day a year for a non-profit organization and every staff member from a particular branch donated their workday to our Second Hand Store. Icelandic volunteers among others did tremendous work in Burkina Faso during the installation of a huge water tank, installation of more solar panels and during the construction of a new college building which is three stories high.

We greatly thank our benefactors and volunteers.


The year 2016 was another good year for ABC and as always we thank our sponsors dearly for their contribution.