Christmas greetings from Samuel Montupalli, director at Little Lights in India.

„Children at Little Lights are happy and enjoying your love and kindness. They are going to school and college to achieve their goals and realize their dreams. They are excited and know that education is changing their destiny. They are preparing for a better future.

Our main concern has always been for the poor and hungry children living in poverty and have known starvation and degradation. We are even more concerned about girls whose plight is more pathetic because of gender bias and social discrimination. The girls are finding Little Lights to be a happy home. They are blessed with everything they need; plenty of food and good education. Education is changing their lives and they are happy about their success.

We wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year of peace, joy and prosperity.Thank you for your love and generosity for the children and making their Christmas merry and joyful“