It's always wonderful to share success stories and here are a few from students in the ABC schools in Farooqabad and Machike boarding school in Pakistan.

This is Mazhar Aslam. He always wanted to be a priest but due to his family's poverty he wasn't able to go to school. One day a minister visited his home and mentioned to him the possibility of going to the ABC school in Farooqabad. He finished training to become a priest and his journey started with the ABC school. He's very grateful to his Icelandic sponsor for the opportunity to pursue his dream.

This is Anum Rustam. She's one of eight siblings and due to poverty she didn't think she'd ever attend school. Thanks to sponsorship she began studies at Machike Boarding School. After she finished her studies she learned sewing and today she teaches the profession. She's very grateful to her sponsor.

This is John Amraphil Akram. His parents couldn't afford to send him to school but he got into Machike boarding School and received sponsorship. He worked very hard in his studies and he even won a lab top computer when he graduated. He then went to study nursing at a private hospital.

This is Nazish Mashtaq. Her dream was to become a nurse but she feared that might never happen due to her family's poverty. In 2006 she entered the ABC school in Farooqabad and when her studies were done she was accepted for nurses's training at the hospital in Sheikhupura. She can't imagine being able to fulfill her dream without the help of ABC in Pakistan and she's also very grateful to her Icelandic sponsor.