Boarders in the ABC schools in Uganda have a tight schedule that starts early in the morning and concludes in the evening. They rise at five o'clock in the morning and various chores have to be done before breakfast and then followed by assembly. Lessons begin at 8 AM and they continue till 5 PM. After supper another lesson is to follow which is the time dedicated to individual reading which is supervised by teachers on duty.

"Imagine if the Icelandic kids had such a heavy schedule but remember the most important thing in a child's life in Uganda is to succeed in studies because this will eventually help get the family out of poverty," says Trudy Odita, founder and director of ABC Children's Aid in Uganda.

The students in the ABC schools have big dreams and aim high with their studies. It's also nice to see that they are very poetic as well. Above is a lovely poem written by Irene Kisakye, a student in Kitetika.


Give a smile, it makes the troubled believe, it fills an empty soul with happiness. From the almighty God.

A smile makes lonely souls know that there are some people who love them.

It costs nothing to give someone a smile. It does not need any energy to give it. So why not give a smile?

Happy are those who give a smile to other people for they will be blessed by the almighty.

How great are those who smile! For they are ever filled with happiness in times of joy.

A smile is the best attire. 

The students are also quite humorous on occasion. A student in Kitetika, Nakiyemba Sanara, wrote this wonderful, and very funny, poem which can best be described as darkly humorous.

I went to the barber.

I went to the barber, he cut off my hair.

Which would have been great but he didn't stop there.

He slipped with his scissors, he slipped with his sheers.

And cut off my eye brows and both of my ears.

I jumped in my seat causing several more slips.

He cut off my nose and my cheeks and my lips.

With one final slip up he cut off my head

and that is the reason I ended up dead.