Things are going great at the Little Lights school in India where ABC Children's Aid has been working since 1992. Over 1.400 children are in school and working hard in their studies to achieve their dreams. The value of education is priceless and here are three former Little Lights students who are flourishing in their careers.

Subbalakshmi Sholapuri was a little girl when her widowed mother brought her to Little Lights. She finished her college education and found work at a National Bank where she continues to work today. Subbalakshmi recently visited Little Lights and shared her story. She's certainly an inspiration to all the students.

Karunakar Veerla was a small boy when he began his education at Little Lights. After completing his college education he joined Air Tel Mobile, a country wide cable network, and he's very proud to be working there. He shared his story with the students at Little Lights and he expressed his sincere gratitude to everyone at the school. He said he couldn't even imagine what would have become of him if not for the education he received.

Nanaji Manchala lost his mother soon after he was born and was abandoned by his father. He was brought to Little Lights and he graduated from high school. He studied carpentry and started his own business where he carves names into wooden key chains. He's very happy that he was able to start his own business and proud to be standing on his own two feet. He's certainly an inspiration to all the students at Little Lights.