The latest development in Burkina Faso is that the coup leaders have agreed on a deal with the regular army to avoid further violence.

On September 16th the presidential guards seized control and placed President Michel Kafando and Prime Minister Yacouba Isaac Zida under arrest. Yesterday the regular army arrived in the capital Ouagadougou and vowed to retake it. General Diendere, leader of the presidential guards, has pledged that Kafando will be reinstated as President. At least 10 people have been killed and more than 100 injured since the coup started.

ABC children's aid Iceland has a school in Bobo, which is situated about 400 kilometers from the capital. Our team leaders and field workers there, Hinrik Thorsteinsson and Gudny Ragnhildur Jonasdottir, have informed us that everything has effectively shut down and there's a nation wide curfew from 7 pm. to 7 am. in effect. School work in Bobo was scheduled to commence 2nd October after summer vacation but it's unclear if that date will hold.

The staff in ABC children's Aid Iceland is in daily contact with Hinrik and Gudny and will bring updates on this matter.


The new management team in the ABC School in Star of Hope in Kenya


Samuel Ingimarsson and his wife Asta, Country directors

Caleb Otieno Ongere, administrator

Michael Ouma Ohola, deputy administrator

Samuel Njenga, Principal, secondary school

Eravuna Wycliffe, Head teacher, primary school

Rose K. Asila, matron & store manager

Vielina Karanja, head of social work

Karen Terry, head of sponsorship program

The ABC school in Star of Hope in Kenya is officially in session since September 4th.


Samuel Muriiti Njenga, assistant principal, addresses secondary school students


Principal Caleb Otieno Ongero addresses Primary school students. "You are here this season for a reason. The reason is to learn", he says.


Smiling students of Star Of Hope

Gudrun Margret Palsdottir has stepped down as chairman of ABC Iceland and has resigned from her work for ABC children‘s aid. Gudrun Margret informed the staff of ABC about her decision after the board meeting last Tuesday evening.  Alternative board member Pall Elfar Palsson has been elected as the new chairman of ABC Iceland.

Gudrun Margret, one of the founders of ABC children‘s aid, says that with her resignation she is taking responsibility for the situation that has arisen in Kenya and expects her decision will maintain the credibility of the work the organization performs and firmly establish it for the unforseeable future.

A statement from Gudrun Margret:

Early this spring I announced to the ABC Iceland board my decision to resign as chairman and my plans of resuming studies. Last Tuesday Pall Elfar Palsson was formally chosen chairman and assumed the position. I also announced to the board my decision to resign as an employee of ABC children‘s aid, for the time being at least.  Although my reasons are partly due to interest in resuming studies the main reason for my departure is the current situation that has arisen in Kenya where the general manager has abused the trust that she was granted.

As chairman of ABC children‘s aid I should have heeded the concerns many had directed towards me regarding the general manager‘s work performance and stepped in earlier. Instead I put my faith in the general manager‘s explanations and defended her. In light of recent events I see this was a great mistake and I apologize for that. Since the general manager‘s dismissal, an official government agency in Kenya has instigated an investigation into financial affairs and other matters regarding ABC‘s operations in Kenya and consequently has closed the school in Kariobangi due to health concerns. Despite us successfully relocating the school, and therefore ensuring the continuation of school work, this has caused difficulty and has been harmful as financial support for the children has decreased. This has been upsetting for me and the work as a whole because it adversely affects the children.

Ever since I founded ABC children‘s aid along with other good people some 27 years ago I have been a full time employee for the organization, there of 23 years as a volunteer. My vision, and ABC‘s, has always been to provide poor children a way to educate themselves, help illiterate people to read and to help street children make a life for themselves by providing a home and education. Today I can rejoice over the fact that good work has been done in the name of ABC regarding poor children all over the world for many years. The work has to be preserved so that the children under ABC‘s wing will continue to have the support neccessary and more poor children can have the opportunity for a better life.

I‘m extremely grateful for the new chairman, the board, the general manager and all of the staff at ABC.  They are all very fine individuals who I trust completely. I am also very thankful for the cooperation with the Children‘s Mission where I will still be a board member taking part in planning the future and watching the vision be fulfilled. My wish is that ABC children‘s aid will have all the support it needs and people will not let my mistakes prevent them from becoming sponsors.

With sincere gratitude for all the support ABC has been granted through the years.


Guðrún Margrét Pálsdóttir

ABC children's aid in Iceland will pay for the treatment of a student who's suffered spinal chord injuries following an accident.

In the accompanying photograph are the girl who's injured along with her mother and Thrainn Skulason, our representative in Kenya, and Hellen, an employee of ABC. The girl's mother is a widow and does not have enough money to pay for the treatment so we're happy to be able to provide the financial support necessary.



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