The official name of Pakistan is "Islamic Republic of Pakistan."  The capital city is Islamabad.  Population estimate for 2015 is over 190 million.  Illiteracy is probably the biggest problem that nation is facing.  2/3 of the people in Pakistan live in rural areas and it is estimated that approximately 80% of children in those areas are not going to school.

ABC Children's Aid Pakistan

ABC Children's Aid Pakistan started in July 2005.  The founder and leader was a Christian native Pakistani by the name Sharif A. Ditta.  He passed away on February 24th in 2013. Sharif was involved with education his whole career.  His sons had built him a nice house for when he retired.  But, as soon as the house was ready, Sharif moved into a room with his son and changed the house into a local school.  Sharif came from a poor village but was supported for education.  He graduated from University and all his children also.  The younger brother of Sharif did not get any education and his children neither.  Therefore Sharif understood well the importance of education and had a burning desire to help as many as possible to gain one.  This dream became a reality with the support of ABC Children's Aid.

ABC has built 6 schools with money from various fundraising events and donations and 2 more schools are in rented housing. All in all there are over 2.600 students in the ABC schools and over 550 of them are boarders. The students get free education, scholastic material and uniforms. The schools have had tremendous impact on the thinking of poor parents who now choose to send their children to school instead of the labor market.

Below are a few pictures from Pakistan: