India is the most populous democracy in the world.  It is also the seventh-largest country by geographical area and the second-most populous country.  It currently has one of the fastest growing economy in the world but still suffers from high levels of poverty, illiteracy, disease and malnutrition.  India is amazingly pluralistic, multilingual and multiethnic society.

ABC Children's Aid India

ABC has been working in India since 1992.  The work has been at the Home of the Little Lights in Andhra Pradesh, the El Shaddai children's home in Tamil Nadu and then evening schools for Dalit children.


The Home of the Little Lights

The Home of the Little Lights is located in the city of Gannavaram which is about 20km from the city of Vijayawada in the state of Andhra Pradesh in south-east India.

The home was founded in 1992 by a Christian Indian man who no longer could watch homeless children suffer out in the streets with out doing something about it. With the help of supporters in Iceland, about 1435 children now live in the Home of the LIttle Lights.

littleLightsGannavaram littleLightsGannavaram

The Vocational School of the Little Lights home was built in the year 2003 - mostly from funds raised by Icelandic schoolchildren.

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El Shaddai children's home

A school building funded by ABC Children's Aid is operating in Chennai in Tamil Nadu in South-East India


Eva Alexander is the head and founder of Comforter Ministries that runs the school. Currently there are around 70 children sponsored by Icelandic people that are pursuing their studies in various schools in India. They have finished basic studies and enjoy financial support for further studies.


Children praying.