The Republic of Kenya lies in east Africa. The country is named after Mount Kenya, the second highest mountains in Africa (5.199 meters). Kenya has two official languages, Swahili and English. 2009 estimate of population is over 39 million.




ABC Children's Aid Kenya.

ABC in Star of Hope

Operations in Kenya began in 2005. The focus is to help impoverished children in the slums of Nairobi to get an education. Currently around 450 children are in school. Many of those kids are teenagers and have lost hope in life as they have suffered through rejection, hunger and all kinds of abuse. The desire of ABC is to give them a new life by offering them a home, love and education. So many of them have amazed us by their turn around in life and their wonderful testimonies. ABC is currently housing around 180 children in our children´s home in Nairobi.



ABC in Namelok

ABC runs a school in Namelok, called Complex School, which is situated in Masaai country near the highest mountain in Kenya; Kilimanjaro. The school began operations in 2011 and today there are over 350 students there. All the students are of the Masaai tribe. There's a great need for a school in this impoverished area as the government run schools are full to capacity. The ABC school in the area is most welcomed for children of the Masaai tribe as their elders desperately want their children to receive an education.