ABC is developing a new software system for core services like keeping track of children and sponsors. Current software has been in use since 2004 and we need an updated system.
We need some software components for our new system. Component One has answered our request and given us a licence to use their Studio for Lighswitch:

This is a gift of ca. $900 value.

ABC has supported children in Timbuktu Mali for several years. This has been under the leadership of ABC UK. Here is a letter that John Beynon sent out regarding the situation:

I have just had a long conversation again with Timothy Yatarra (Tim from Timbuktu) and his father, Pastor Bouya who is the co-ordinator for ABC Children's Aid in Timbuktu. They told me that all the Christians have fled Timbuktu, both those from the Pentecostal church and also from the Baptist church, in fear for their lives. Tim said that this morning (Wed. 18th) he had been talking to a friend by phone to Timbuktu and that a crowd of people were trying to destroy the Baptist church, and he thought that some may have tried to destroy their compound(church and house), although he wasn’t sure of the details. The school that ABC Children’s Aid was supporting is also closed. All the teachers have fled, and the buildings are currently empty. There is now Sharia Law in force in Timbuktu, with the women forced to wear veils in public. Probably girls will no longer be allowed to go to school.


The ABC international school will launch June 1st in Reykjavik Iceland. It is built on the ABC school that has been in operation in Reykjavik since 2009. Read more on

gullyCropsHinrik and Gully, who lead the work of ABC in Burkina Faso, have arrived in Iceland to spend Christmas with family and friends. It has been a busy time in Burkina Faso - projects are moving in the right direction.

The new dining hall and the new school building where officially opened this semester. These two buildings where built for money donated by the company Atorka Group in Iceland. Past spring a very successful water drilling took place. Now there is water being pumped up next to the dining hall. The next important project is to have a wall around the property to stop trespassing of others. Sometimes people drive whole herds of cows across. This year the school staff had permission to grow vegetables on the school property and that has been a success.

The children in the school are vibrant and joyful. A nurse comes for a visit to attend to wounds that many of the children had. School outfits will soon be ready for all of the children.

Click here to see more recent pictures from Burkina Faso

Merry Christmas and a warm thank you to all of those who are part of the ABC work - Gully and Hinrik in Burkina Faso

Hinrik and Gully are busy with their work in Burkina Faso.  Last Friday they had a meeting with the ladies from the Dignity microloan goup.  Between 80 and 90 women gathered plus some children and men.  The women requested the meeting to thank for the Dignity project and ask if it would continue.  They also asked if things they knit or make could be sold in the west.

Several projects are going on at the school.  The pavement in front of the new school is being changed so that rain water drains away from the school but not towards it.  Termites where found in the roof and that is being addressed.

Below is a picture of school children in Burkina Faso taken in February 2011.



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