is to give all:

  • Street children a shelter and later a permanent home in an ABC village.
  • Poor children opportunity to go to school.
  • Sick children an access to medical care.
  • Children without future a hope of better life with further education.
  • Needy and suffering children tender care.
  • Hurting and broken children the love of God.

Welcome to ABC Children's Aid International website. Our main purpose is to be a channel of encouragement, equipping, empowering and multiplication through quality relationships with ABC donor offices and field locations.

Currently over 10,000 children are receiving some sort of support through the work of ABC. Some live in a ABC Children's home and receive complete care, others are go to school through the support of ABC.

Our ABC donor offices work in countries where supporters partner with us to give precious children an opportunity to grow up into healthy men and women who can make a difference in this world.

Our ABC field locations serve the local communities and children where the help is needed.

Read about our history, explore some of the places we work in and partner with us to become apart of something that is bigger then all of us!


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