A meeting for our sponsors took place on june 29th, at Grand Hotel in Reykjavik, where the situation regarding matters in Kenya was explained. Attendance was over 90 people.

ABC Iceland's general manager, Fridur Birna Stefansdottir, and Einar Gautur Steingrimsson, the organization's lawyer, explained why the general manager in ABC Kenya was relieved of her duties and addressed the chain of events that have followed since. Chairman of the meeting was Pall Elvar Palsson.

During the meeting a Skype connection was established with our leaders in Kenya along with staff and students of the school. Also present there was Melody Taylor, executive director of Go Near Ministry which is a charity based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Go Near has been working closely with ABC in Kenya.

The staff and students assured sponsors that all the monetary assistance had been received and that they were happy with the changes being made.

Einar Gautur explained that the general manager of ABC Kenya was relieved of duties due to a breach of trust. The general manager assembled a board meeting last spring but didn't inform three members. Those who attended dismissed from the board those who didn't and brought in three new members and agreed upon changes in the charter. With this action the general manager seized control over ABC Kenya. ABC Kenya answered to ABC Iceland according to the orginal charter dating back to 2006. Einar Gautur said this action was illegal but still these changes went through.

Because of the situation that had arisen ABC Iceland decided to have no further contact with ABC Kenya and handle directly all matters involving the work in Kenya.

The general manger of ABC Iceland addressed a question from an audience member when she stated that the former general manager of ABC Kenya had certainly performed her job well for a long period of time but "for the last 18 months to two years things over there just haven't been all right".

The bottom line is that the interests of the children come first. An objective examination of the situation is needed and that was addressed by a few audience members and the chairman fully agreed. The work that has been performed in Kenya is invaluable and must continue.






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