We would like to inform sponsors and other interested parties on the situation in the school run by ABC in Kariobangi in Nairobi. A formal examination has been instigated on financial matters in ABC Kenya. ABC Iceland will provide all neccessary assistance regarding the examination. Hopefully all school work will commence shortly in new quarters after the old school ground was shut down due to health reasons.

NGO's co-ordination board has begun examining financial matters and other aspects of the work that's being performed in ABC Kenya over recent years. This action was set in motion following the dismissal of ABC Kenya's general manager.

NGO-board's employees arrived yesterday in the school in Kariobangi to conduct formal discussions and gather information and files. ABC Iceland wil do everything in it's power to assist this examination.

The NGO-board representatives inspected the school building and nearby grounds and came to the conclusion that health issues were severly lacking. The NGO-board closed down the area and now ABC is looking into the matter of different housing so school work can begin again.

Students are currently on a week long vacation. Day schoolers are staying with parents but children who live in the dormatories are residing with relatives or friends. Hopefully a suitable new location will be found before the children's week vacation is over.



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