One of ABC Children's Aid's founders, Halldor Palsson, was in many ways largely responsible for the wheels going in motion during the birth of the organization. In total there were eight people who founded ABC Children's Aid in 1988.

Halldor was interviewed for the second issue of ABC Children's Aid Icelandic Magazine and here is what he had to say when asked how he got involved.

"I was an insurance salesman at the time. I worked at the same place as Hannes Lentz and I had never met him before. Hannes was an excellent salesman and I was too. We sold more than everyone else combined. During our discussions I started telling him about Jesus and Hannes wasn't very interested. It therefore came as a surprise when he agreed to come with me to a service in a church. After service ended we discussed all matters of religion and Hannes was open to accepting Jesus. A week later he met Gudrun Margret," says Halldor.

Gudrun Margret is Halldor's sister and she is also one of the founders of ABC Children's Aid. Prior to meeting Hannes she was intent on going abroad and helping children in need. After meeting Hannes, who became her husband, Gudrun Margret abandoned her trip but wanted desperately to do something to help children learn to read and write.

"Me and another individual wanted to promote a friend of ours who was a musician. I thought to myself it would be a good idea to make a record and sell it for the benefit of a help organization. I had experience doing that ," says Halldor. Turns out there wasn't any interest no matter how many organizations Halldor spoke with. "So the idea came to just found our own organization," he says.

Gudrun Margret really took to the idea and was a great driving force for ABC getting started. "It really couldn't have happened if Gudrun Margret hadn't completely devoted herself to this project," Halldor says. But it's clear that if she hadn't met Hannes then there's a chance that ABC might not have gotten off the ground.

None of ABC's founders work for the organiazation today but all them are immensely proud of being a large part of the organization's wonderful history.