Moses is a seven year old boy who lives in Uganda. He has six siblings and he lives in a three room house with no kitchen. All cooking must be done in the living room. His mother, Josephine, is the sole provider as the father ran off to be with a younger woman. He provides no financial support. Josephine was forced to take a loan to provide the basic necessities for her family and when she wasn't able to make a payment she was put in a jail cell. Her oldest son, Kevin, had to leave school and find work to provide for the family.

After a few months spent behind bars Josephine was released but now her health has deteriorated considerably. Her job is physically demanding and she earns about a dollar a day. She can only afford one meal a day for the whole family. Her children share two beds and use old blankets for cover. To fetch water they travel around 500 meters to a nearby village.

Despite these difficulties the family is grateful for what they have and believe the future is bright. Moses is in an ABC run school and two of his siblings also. In one of the photos you can see the children in their school uniforms which they wear proudly. They look forward to seeing what the future brings.

Josephine would like to thank her children's sponsors for this great opportunity. Without them good education would not be in their reach.



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