The day starts early in Burkina Faso and these days there's a lot of activity in the ABC school in Burkina Faso. School just started again on October 3rd after summer vacation and 70 new students are beginning their studies. Then begins a procedure where photos are taken of the children and they are then registered into the computer system in the hopes they will find a sponsor for their studies. The poverty level in this area from where the children come is extreme. The area is Quenzenville and is located in the city Bobo Dioulasso which has around 500.000 people. There's not enough room at the school for all that are in need but thanks to a lot of hard work from staff and volunteers the area has gotten bigger and more students can enter and study longer. Currently there are over 500 students in the school.

It's difficult to imagine the poverty these children come from. A volunteer from ABC is in Burkina Faso and this is how she describes what she sees; "All the children come from extreme poverty. Families live in huts made out of clay, and sometimes with a little cement, and the roof is made of iron plates. When it rains the poorest of the huts simply collapse. There's no electricity and toilet facilities are a hole outside the hut or simply non existent.  Water is purchased from the nearest bore hole or collected from a dirty river and then carried home. Dinner is cooked outside. Maize sticks and peanuts are grown for the rainy seasons outside the huts or in a small field and that lasts for several months. When that food is gone that's when the grim reality of poverty really sets in. These families are often quite large. When the parents die usually relatives try to attend to the children and a lot of the children in the ABC school are orphans".

These are tough times but optimism reigns in the ABC school thanks to a lot of hard work from staff, volunteers and, last but not least, our wonderful students.


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