Article 1
Definition and name, address and venue
ABC Children's Aid International is a charitable organization (NGO) with a permanent address and venue in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Article 2
Nature of the organization
ABC Children's Aid International is founded on christian principles, especially bearing in mind the commandment to love our neighbours as ourselves and to bear each others burdens so that we will make it known in action that God is the father of the fatherless and that He reaches out for those that are needy and suffering.

Article 3
The objectives of the organization are to assist people, especially children and juveniles, in ways that will help them to sustain themselves and be self-sufficient. ABC Childrens Aid International can get involved in emergency aid, especially if such work is a step towards helping others become independent and self-sufficient.

Article 4
How to reach the objectives
To reach its objective the organization shall:
a) start co-organization's in other countries to work as a part of ABC Children's Aid International and under its umbrella,
b) create policies and work ethics to be carried out in the organization as a whole.
c) identify co-visionaries and employees in those countries,
d) qualify assignments and keep a list open for the donor countries to choose from,
e) monitor all operations under the ABC Children's Aid International and provide help as needed,
f) ensure that help is extended to as many children as possible and they have access to education, clothing, medical help, food and housing where needed and
g) start and build orphanages, dormitories and schools, including institutions for higher education so that children can graduate with a professional certificate/diploma or a degree.

The board of ABC Children's Aid International shall write a more descriptive statement of the organization's objectives how it plans to achieve them. ABC Children's Aid International should re-evaluate its objectives at least once a year. ABC Children's Aid International should send its re-evaluation to the co-organizations at least once a year. The re-evaluation shall provide further details on the implementation. First rules shall be included with the original article of association.

Article 5
Initial capital and founders
The initial capital of ABC Children's Aid International shall amount to ISK 700,000.- and is provided by Friends of ABC Children's Aid Iceland and donations given through ABC Children's Aid, Iceland.

Initial capital will be invested in high interest bearing account in Iceland.

The founders of ABC Children's Aid International are Guðrún Margrét Pálsdóttir and Hannes Lentz.

Article 6
The organization's income is first and foremost built on donations and fundraising. Donations from all donor countries shall be transferred to ABC Children's Aid International's bank account for international transfers and ABC Children's Aid International shall be responsible for forwarding donations to receiving parties according to donor's instructions and the need in the receiving country.

Article 7
Board of directors
The highest jurisdiction over affairs of the organization resides with the board of directors. The board of directors shall be composed of 12 regular directors and 12 alternates. The term of office for directors and their alternates is the same. If a director resigns from the board, his alternate will take his place and the board will choose a new alternate in his place. Term of office for the new alternate shall be the same as the one he is replacing.

If a director cannot attend board meetings, (s)he shall personally be responsible for informing his alternate so that (s)he can attend the meeting instead.

The directors shall be elected for a three-year term.

As soon as a director resigns, a new one is appointed by a majority vote of the board of directors. A director may be re-elected as often as necessary.

The pioneers of ABC Children's Aid International, Guðrún Margrét Pálsdóttir and Hannes Lentz will sit as the organization's chairman and chairman's alternate. They will have that right as long as they live. If the chairman and his alternate member wish to step down, the board will choose their replacements.

Article 8
Calling of board meetings
Board meetings shall be called at least 72 hours in advance. The meeting's agenda shall accompany the call. The chairman of the board or his alternate are responsible for calling board meetings. Calling a board meeting with a shorter notice than 72 hours does not annul the decisions taken by the board. New items can be added to the meeting agenda if 2/3 of the board members agree on it. However, a director that was not able to attend a meeting, called with a shorter notice, can request, within 24 hours from that meeting, that the chairman call a new meeting.

A director can also call for a new meeting if any item on the agenda was not introduced when the meeting was called. Then decisions made by the prior board meeting will not become valid until they have been voted for again in a board meeting. If four directors of the board request a board meeting, the chairman of the board will be obliged to call a board meeting. If the chairman does not do so within 72 hours from the request, the four directors can call the board meeting themselves.

Article 9
Board meetings
Board meetings can be held by any following means:
a) With the board meeting in a specified place.
b) With a teleconference.
c) In any way the board agrees, as long as every director is able to review matters on the agenda and is able to put forward his thoughts on the matter before the board makes a final decision.

Board decisions are made according to majority vote of the board.

Article 10
Finances of the organization
The board of ABC Children's Aid International is liable for the organization's finances and shall see to it that its accounts are always done according to the accounting laws in the country of permanent address, including the annual financial statement.

Article 11
ABC annual financial statements shall be reviewed and signed by a certified auditor chosen by the board.

Article 12
Executive office
The board of directors can hire a chief executive officer (managing director). The board can also appoint any person to have authority to sign papers, checks and agreements.

Article 13
Changes in the articles of association
These articles can be changed by a vote of at least 2/3 of the board and the vote of the chairman. The board can also resign any member from the board and elect a new one in her/his place with the vote of at least 2/3 of the board and the vote of the chairman of board.

Changes to the articles of association will take affect after the approval of the District Commissioner in Sauðárkrókur, Iceland.

Article 14
Liquidation of the organization
Should ABC Children's Aid International be liquidated, all the assets and money of ABC Children's Aid International shall go to ABC Children's Aid, Iceland. To liquidate the organization a vote of at least 2/3 of the board members as well as that of the chairman of the board shall be required in two board meetings with a minimum of 2 months' interval.

Liquidation will need the approval of the office of the District Commissioner in Saudárkrókur, Iceland, as appointed by the Icelandic government.

Article 15
Preliminary clause
As soon as the board is fully seated and meets for the first time, after the formation of the organization, term of office of the board members should be set as follows: 3 board members shall be elected for a 1 year term, 4 board members shall be elected for a 2 year term and 4 board members shall be elected for a 3 year term. From there on, term of office for any new board member shall be 3 years.

The first board of directors is appointed by the founders and confirmed by the founding meeting.

Article 16
Confirmation of the articles of association
These Articles of Association take effect with the approval of the founders and the office of the District Commissioner in Saudárkrókur, Iceland. Reykjavík, 19 March 2007


These Articles of Association are hereby confirmed according to the Act No 19/1988 on funds and institutions operating according to confirmed articles of association.

District Commissioner in Saudárkrókur, Iceland 2007